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Today, both the husband and wife are working. It is important in the present epoch to give the child a better life and an enhanced lifestyle. If you have a joint family, then there is no issue when it comes to safety of the child but what about neutral families? Most couples count on caretakers or nanny when they have small kids and husband-wife are working. Even though it is a good idea, the safety is always the biggest concern for parents. On social media and news, we have seen many cases wherein the caretaker is beating up the child or abusing the child in the absence of the parent. If you are also a working parent and worried about the safety of your little one, then you can rely on spy devices.

Among all, spying cameras are the best to keep an eye over the activities of the caretaker in your absence and behavior towards your child. If you are perplexed, then check out the following spy cameras for the safety of your little bundle of joy:

1. Spy Camera HD 1080P File Folder Hidden Camera Recorder – 3 Hours

Features and Benefits • The camera has a compact and portable design  • With built-in lithium battery, you can record up to 3 hours without any interruption  • The storage capacity of this device is up to 64GB  • With motion detection, it can capture even the minutest activity  • It has built-in microphone to record audio 

2. Mini Clothing Hook Spy Camera Mini DV Security DVR with Motion Detection

Features and Benefits • A small camera is embedded in the cloth hook  • Due to its design, it is almost impossible to detect with naked eyes  • With built-in lithium battery, it can record for many hours  • You can expand the storage capacity up to 32GB with a TF card 

3. Spy Table Clock Camera Motion Detection with Remote Alarm Function

Features and Benefits • With a high-quality battery, the device can continuously work up to 12 hours  • It comes with a remote to on and off the device  • The device accepts a TF memory card of 32GB 
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Final Thought

This is just an indicative list of cameras, there are many more spy equipment available online on Spy World. You can explore the range by calling us on +91- 9999302406 | 8585977908 or browsing through the official website cum online store.


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